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Career Development Profile

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Personality Compatibility Report

The Personality Compatibility Report is available free of charge with a purchase of the Career Development Profile.

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How It Works

1. Purchase Career Development Profile online, paying securely with a major credit card or PayPal.

2. Upon your payment you will receive your Personality Explorer username and password to complete personality assessment questionnaire. You can complete the questionnaire immediately or later at your convenience. Typically, it takes 15 minutes to complete.

3. After completing the personality assessment questionnaire, you will obtain your Career Development Profile and you can run the 1:1 Personality Compatibility report between you and anyone who is also interested in sharing their results with you.

4. You can access your Career Development Profile online as well as the 1:1 Personality Compatibility report at any time by logging in and clicking the “Reports” menu.

What You Will Get

Personal Career Development Profile

The multi-page report will include:

  • Your 4-letter Jungian personality type, description and scores Jung Typemeter™ acts like a compass that shows general direction for your career journey. Click to complete your personality assessment.
  • Your personality strengths. Knowing and leveraging your personality strengths is a key for career success. This section of the Career Development Profile describes distinct features of your personality such as leadership qualities, results orientation, creativity, the ability to establish effective collaboration, and so on. Use it for self-marketing. Copy and paste the strengths bullets into your resume, mention in an interview and other appropriate situations to promote yourself.
  • Most favourable work environment. Discover the main characteristics of a work environment in which you can leverage strong areas of your personality, be most successful, fulfilled and content.
  • Career development methods and tips tailored to the unique traits of your personality. Learn strategies to become a better leader, a more effective communicator, prevent and resolve conflicts, and more.
  • Personality Radar™ visually represents and summarizes strengths of the key workplace-related behavioural qualities of your personality. Click to complete your personality assessment.Pitfalls. Like with everyone else, some of your natural personality traits may become your weaknesses or become obstacles in successful career development. These weaknesses or pitfalls typically manifest themselves when certain workplace circumstances are present. This section identifies these “pitfalls” and circumstances, and offers some tips to help you manage these issues.
  • Career and job change analysis. Outlines the “symptoms” and conditions when career or job change might be desirable. The report comes with the “job compatibility calculator” that helps you to assess your current job and workplace from personality fit standpoint. You can use the career and job change analysis tool multiple times with no extra charge, to assess compatibility as you move on from your current position or job to your next one.
  • Career development resources. Access free complimentary materials about leadership styles, communication styles, conflict management techniques, the approach to personality type, how to determine other people's personality type, famous personalities of your type, most favourable careers for your type, and educational institutions.

1:1 Personality Compatibility Report

You will be able to run 1:1 Personality Compatibility Report after completing the assessment questionnaire. The 1:1 Personality Compatibility Report provides the analysis of personality compatibility between you and another individual, in a work, business, or team setting. It features personality compatibility potential indicator that factors in the differences in your and the other person's behavioural traits, their expressiveness, and differences in personality types. The report includes:

  • Personality compatibility potential indicator
  • Side-by-side comparison of your and the other person’s behavioural scores and personality radars
  • Analysis, interpretation and tips on how to prevent potential and manage the existing tension and conflict between you and the other person

Use this report to explore personality compatibility with your colleague at work, your business partner, a member of your school, sport or community project. You can run this report with unlimited number of other users.

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